A week in Ibiza

A girls holiday was always on my to-do list. As me and my school friends were soon to part ways, with university fast approaching, we took the executive decision to go on the most expensive one…Ibiza!

Ibiza is notorious for its night life and events for 18/30 year olds – a true party island. Me and my 4 friends stayed at the Ibiza Rocks Hotel Apartments (the cheaper option) for a week. Although, very little time was spent there at all. In the end, the cheaper choice turned out to be the better as we had access to both the main hotel pool alongside our own smaller one at the apartments. Obviously, our choice depended on how much vodka we drank the previous night.

Within our week there, we saw: Pendulum, Chase and Status, Example and Avicii. Drink prices aside, every night was one to remember (when our memory eventually came back). We settled into a somewhat routine at night times, which consisted of: pre, pre-drinks at the apartment, walk down to the strip for pre-drinks and then off to the clubs. After doing this for 6 nights, I recommend no longer than a week at any party island as it really takes its toll!

Alongside the plethora of clubs and events available at the night times, there is also plenty to do in the day. For example, we went on the Ibiza Rocks the Boat party where we were greeted with a plastic cup of sangria on arrival and took a plunge in the Mediterranean Sea, which is agreeably not the smartest thing to do after a few too many drinks. However, the serenity of the sea against the hectic-ness of the boat party created moments of feeling on top of the world. Again, this could’ve been due to a variety of alcohol swimming round my system, but, I would like to think it wasn’t.

My week was crammed with memories and madness and i couldn’t have spent it with better people.

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