Feature Rationale

For my final feature article, I am writing about the benefits of the gender equality, social movement: Free The Nipple. I will explore how it is appropriate both in public and online for men to be topless where women would be arrested, shamed, or censored. British laws among other countries make it illegal to be nude in public but men are less likely to be arrested for being topless than a woman.

I believe this topic is current as the feminist movement grows through social media movements and more people are getting involved in the campaign for gender equality. The campaign is known worldwide and has events in different parts of the globe including Australia, the Unites States and the UK and is beginning to gain more serious attention. I am interviewing the event host of a Free The Nipple Rally, to be able to get an insight into why these rallies are happening and what makes them happen. I will also interview a social media account owner of a Free the Nipple page to see how social media sensors different images.

Target Audience and magazine

The topic I have chosen to write my feature article about is widely spoke about and known by a global audience as it dominates social media conversations. My target audience for this piece would composed of mainly female 18-35 year olds, with an average reader of 27. My article is aimed at an audience of social grade C2DE. I chose Cosmopolitan as my target magazine as it addresses issues that engage female readers, including worklife and entertainment. The magazine does address issues but also keeps the balance with light heartedness. My article would suit the reader of Cosmopolitan as it is an issue that women are more conscious about today and are interested in.

My magazine will follow the format of Cosmopolitan, as seen below:

Doc 4 May 2016, 21-49 (1)


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