During the Easter holiday, I visited Amsterdam for the first time with 6 friends from uni. The start to our journey was a struggle to say the least. We had booked to fly with easyJet at 6am, however, Storm Katie decided otherwise and resulted in us having to get an 11 hour coach instead.

Having arrived at our hostel, our expeditions started the next day. We had plans to do everything typically tourist while we were there, and of course these involved: sex museum, bike rides, Van Gough museum,  canal trips and the red light district. However, it didn’t all go as planned as we spent the a large amount of the time walking round without a map and exploring coffee shops.


On the night before departure, we decided that we had to spend our last day actually doing some of the things we set
out to do. Firstly, we went to the sex museum to see the array of rather explicit and frisky photos and models of various sorts. You get a LOT for your money there (€4 entry).

After being slightly scarred from our previous sightings, we went to a ticket office to see what else we could do within our day and ended up going to Body Worlds: The Happiness Project. The exhibition tells the story of our own body and the impact of happiness on our health. Inside, there are more than 200 anatomical specimens of real human bodies which show the complexity, resilience and vulnerability of the body. The exhibition is situated in various places around the globe including: America, Africa and Europe, and has already attracted over 40 million visitors world wide.

Having visited Amsterdam once, I will be going back and, hopefully, will see and do a lot more than my first visit and finally tick off all the things i had initially set out to experience.

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