Cosmopolitan: Improving their digital version

  1. The digital version should incorporate a comment section to encourage audience interaction with each article. This may allow for follow up articles to be generated through the discussions and debates held within the comment section.
  2. Furthermore, the amount of interactivity within the online magazine is lacking. There should be more videos along with the slideshows that are already incorporated. For example, when they cover fashion, they should have videos of the catwalks.
  3. Likewise, 360 images would help improve the magazine so the audience could get a full view of the images, especially if it is to do with beauty and fashion. Having a full 360 view of an image will allow for a more entertaining experience and will help to keep readership and promote subscription.
  4. The digital version could also incorporate a ‘like’ and ‘dislike’ option for each article to allow the writers to see how their audience is reacting to each article and whether what is covered within the articles should be altered at all.
  5. There should be an option to subscribe to a particular writer so that readers get notified when a certain journalist, that they may prefer, has posted a new article.
  6. Also, they should have links to the journalist’s social media sites so that they can follow their favourites and engage with them directly by tweeting them or messaging them. This may be able to help the journalist come up with new ideas of articles or create follow up articles.
  7. There should be an audio option for the digital version so that the visually impaired can also experience the magazine.

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