A year in uni halls

As the end draws near, I thought i’d blog about my experiences in University Accommodation.

I have been living in Lyme Regis House while studying at Bournemouth University and share a flat with 4 others. Our friendships bloomed as the dirty dishes piled up on the sink.

It all began with a 3 hour drive from the West Midlands to Bournemouth. The car was bursting with boxes, bags and suitcases, making it almost impossible for my mother’s Peugeot to reach 70 on the motorway. Anticipation and nerves were invading my thoughts as I wondered who I was about to be living with for a year of my life.

I finally arrived and the unpacking isn’t worth thinking about, let alone writing about. Two of my fellow flatmates, Ed and Bethan, had already moved in and the other two (Freddie and Meg) were to join us the following day. A word to the wise for future students: the best way to make friends is over a bottle of wine, that’s why they have freshers week.

As my flatmates and I became more comfortable around each other, we decided to have a group chat on WhatsApp. Initially, this was a great idea, considering Freddie lost his keys rather frequently, as it meant that one of us could let him in. However, over time the chat turned cold as we all got our own friends. Now, the group chat is used for complaining about the state of the flat or interrogating everyone to see who stole your cheese or used your cup and didn’t wash it up. Besides these minor hiccups, flat 44 remains close as ever.

Your uni halls becomes your second home and may possibly be your first time being away from parents and it’s as scary as it sounds. You get thrown in the deep end of having to cook, clean and do laundry for yourself, BUT, everyone is in the same boat. There will always be someone there who also doesn’t have a clue what to do and they are the people you will probably get on with the most. There are also, however, people who are pretty nifty when it comes to cooking and you just have to hope they live in your flat and don’t mind cooking for you.

A few tips to living in halls:

  1. Don’t be scared to knock on everyones door in the first week. Make friends!
  2. Always follow instructions on how to use the washers and driers, it’s easy not to.
  3. No one knows how to use the ovens, just whack it on a temperature and hope for the best.
  4. Don’t make a cleaning rota, it’s a waste of ink and paper because it doesn’t get followed… and finally,
  5. Make your room as homely as possible because looking at the same four dirty, cream walls for a year is hell.

44E represent!!

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