A Wild Weekend

“University isn’t just about the nightlife!” Indeed. It’s about the all day raves, too.

This weekend is set to be a hectic one at the least. So, with this blog post I will take you through it with me. We’ll start at the very beginning, it’s a very good place to start. This takes place Saturday 30th April at Block Party in Lansdown from 21:00-5:00. Followed by Soundclash Festival on Sunday 1st May at 13:00-2:00. Enjoy…

30th April, Block Party

The night started at 10:30pm in flat 32 of Purbeck House with a double vodka and lemon fanta (there were no other available mixers). Cigarettes pre-rolled in a Mayfair box, keys, phone and purse zipped away in my Adidas jacket, and I was ready to go. The streets were crammed with excited party-goers and stern bouncers waiting to pounce at an out-of-control drunk, like a lion to a gazelle.

A variety of clubs and bars were involved in the event, all within Landsdown point, including: The Old Fire Station, Inferno, Poison Apple & The Bunker, The George Tapps and Le Chic. They saw big names such as Shy FX, Cause &Effect, Flava D and So Solid Crew take to the stages, along with local and upcoming DJs.

On arrival, I headed to the bunker. The room represented, what i can only describe as, a tin of sardines. Wall to wall was covered by sweaty and energised ravers, all dancing in sync to the beat of the drum and bass that was blasting from the speakers. I left a little earlier than I intended due to a lack of oxygen and a need to cool down and headed to The Old Fire Station where I ended up spending the rest of the night until 4:00am and ended up front and centre for Shy FX and So Solid Crew. It was only when I got back that I realised I had to be up in a few hours to get the bus to SoundClash…



1st May, SoundClash

Dizzy head, aching legs and a 4:30pm bus to Soundclash. Arriving at 5pm, I attempted to locate friends which was a lot harder than expected as the venue was in a forest with no service or data available and it was sold out. Amidst the crowds of girls with plaits and mesh tops and boys in ellesse jackets, I managed to locate my friends in the drum and bass tent, of course.

Some headliners of the festival included: Chase & Status, Sub Focus, Jaguar Skills and MistaJam. Although it was spitting and freezing cold, the large crowds, lasers and music drowned it all out.




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