I’m Grace 

It is not uncommon nor surprising that this post, amongst all future posts, will have taken me longer than necessary to write due to constant drifting in and out of concentration. I blame this highly on my lack of multi-tasking abilities. I can’t work in silence but get stupidly distracted by what I have on in the background (at this time, Lauryn Hill). 

Although the view from my room lacks any picturesque or mesmerising scenes, a static seagull on a roof  is, nonetheless, something to watch rather than give in to my conscience and continue to practice shorthand *sigh*. 

As a current Multimedia Journalism Student at Bournemouth University, and aspiring journalist, I have started this blog. It’s a general blog but will very possibly be music based. I will reveal to you my antics and experiences in hope for your entertainment and comments on similar experiences you have had. Thanks 🙂 



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